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23 Sep, 2021 School [Office]

DPSI presented 11 spellers.
DPSI topped the entire Semi-Finals Competition after a resplendent performance and here's the breakdown.

A new, exciting feature has been introduced into the Ghana National Spelling Bee called the Black Drones.
Black Drones are spellers who scored full marks for their online test and also correctly spelt their words here at the Semi-finals.
Out of the hundreds of spellers from different schools across the entire country, only 3 Spellers had perfect scores. (100%)
All these 3 Spellers are from DPS International Ghana.

They are:
Speller 130 - Aarna Tailor
Speller 138 - Brian Akwasi Sarpong
Speller 165 - Raiyyan Abubakar Saddique

Forbye, the remaining 8 spellers were among Spellers with near perfect /top scores making it possible for all our spellers to be named Black Drones.

They are:
N'Adom Darko-Asare
Apagwen Achaw
Kabuki Okornoe
Awenanya Achaw
Wekem Pwamang
Marvellous Isijola
Damien Edem Kwame Zigah
Nana Kwaku Baah Gyamfi

DPSI Spelling Bee Coordinator: Mr. Michael Agordzo Mawutor

Congratulations to all our superb spellers.